The 10 Best Christmas Gifts For Dog Owners 2016

Ruffwear – Web Master Secure, Reflective, Multi-Use Harness for Dogs

Escape proof harness that can fit a variety of different size dogs.

My boxer mix escaped from everything;harness, collar, etc. But with this he hasn’t. Only thing with him is he loosens the front when we aren’t watching and chews out one of the side straps for his chest. Dani

Dog Gone Smart Pet Products Zip and Dri Drier

Ever started out giving your dog a bath, and ended up getting one yourself? Well, that is over.

I have 5 drop coated dogs so drying time was significant and this really sucks the water out of their coats. In addition, I leave them in the sack while I dry their heads so it cuts down on bobbing and weaving as well. – DocDVM

Petego Umbra Portable Pet House and Containment System

Great for camping, visiting family and friends and much more.

I used the Petego for two long days this past weekend and it was awesome. My dog could stretch out and there was still room for her water bowl. It set up and broke down in a flash and it took up so little room in my vehicle. – Tammy Lenski

Sleepypod Yummy Travel Bowls Medium for dogs

The only 3-in-1 food and water storage, transportation and serving system available today. It takes the work and mess out of traveling with your furry friends. There is a lot more to this system than meets the eye.

I was tired of the plastic dog travel bowls because; they are not make with healthy safe plastic, the tops kept cracking. I gave this a try and I am glad I did. Even though we have a lab mix dog, it holds enough water and food for car trips. –Ivy England

Leashboss City Handler, The Perfect Handle Leash for Large Dogs

This leash is that all owners with large, strong breeds have on their wish list. It’s a full 1 inch nylon leash with a handle at the owners end that eliminates the pain and awkward positions your hands can end up in with normal leashes, not to mention superior control.

Great product. I have arthritis in the fingers of my left hand, and this leash is much more comfortable for me to use. It is also very well constructed. I liked it so much I bought three – one for home and two for the office since some of us go to the local shelter and walk dogs during our lunch time. Thank you for a great product. –Anna

OllyDog Grass OllyBottle Water Bottle. Great for day trips.

It doesn’t matter if you are headed across town to the dog park or across the country. This handy water bottle and tray for your friend. Share water from the same bottle without sharing the slobber.

After previously trying several types of travel water bottles for my Miniature Schnauzer, I’ve found one that is perfect! It’s sturdy, attractive, and it doesn’t leak. Baron and I love it! –tealady

Hyper 4-ball Tennis Ball Launcher for Dogs

This rig is nice and you can set the distance for the shots giving you plenty of flexibility to make it work in your play area.

Good news: Dog gets lots of exercise – just loves it! You can shoot grounders (plays to dog’s chasing instinct), close in lobs, Out 50+ ft… Uses up lots of dogs energy! Fun for human to try to hit where you aim to! –Carl J. Johnson

Shake Dog Potty Relief System Folds for Travel and Easy Cleaning

Traveling and have limited space? Maybe in the hotel room or your apartment and don’t always have the chance to do a full walk? This may be your perfect solution.

Works great and takes all the mess out of cleaning. It closes and keeps all the pee inside, doesn’t make a mess. To clean, just pour it out of the spout and rinse with some cleaner. Highly recommend! – Heather

The One and Only Bone Pool!

The perfect gift for the dog that loves water, but does not live close to a lake, river or creek. Now, your dog can take a dip anytime they need to cool off of just have some fun.

My dog is a heavy and strong chewer. He’s a 19 month old lab. So far he has eaten 4 of the $20 baby pools. This pool has held up to him for 2 months and going strong. I’ve even seen him digging in the corners and it is still holding up. A little expensive, but worth it and the drain makes cleaning and refilling easy. – Courtney Nolan

The Triton Retractable Dog Leash Is Virtually Indestructible and Rated for Dogs up to 156lbs.

This leash is so flexible that you will enjoy walking your dog in a rain storm. It’s tough as nails and holds strong when you need it, all with great design and a touch of class.

Light weight, but durable. Love the anti-grip slip handle. Fits the hand perfectly. – Connie Schwerdt