The 9 Best Christmas Gifts For Dogs 2017

West Paw Design Bumper Bed Stuffed Dog Bed

The only dog bed I’ve ever seen with replaceable slip covers for easy washing. Well worth it!

Have been using this bed for 3 years and they still look great. My dogs aren’t chewers but they like to “dig” into the bed when getting comfy. The area where they scratch has worn through on other beds but not this brand. I ordered an extra set of covers and change them when I change my own bed sheets. I’ll always buy beds from this company, I’m really happy. Other beds I bought at the pet store just don’t compare to this brand–you get what you pay for. – Dot

West Paw Design Hurley Chew Toy

If you’ve got a heavy chewer, this is just the toy you’re looking for. It is 100% guaranteed against dog damage by the manufacturer!

We have a 75 pound boxer that destroys toys that are described as ” indestructible” usually within 30 minutes. I bought her this bone for Christmas last year. It became her favorite toy. 11 months later is when she finally chewed one end. This is definitely on her Santa wish list this year.aaron

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Dog Toy

This is a great toy for dogs that love to play hide and seek, whether it’s with toys or treats. The great thing about this is that you can buy replacement plush squirrels for it here! BTW, we’re pretty sure these are actually chipmunks, not squirrels, but hey… your pooch won’t notice!

Love this. I’m saving it for Christmas for my pup. Its very small, so get one size bigger than you think your dog will want. – T. Bin

Our Pets Smarter IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy

This is a great toy to get for medium and large sized dogs that love figuring out how to get their treats.

My two Greyhounds love, love, love these, they exhaust themselves chasing them around the house, only took a couple of days for them to figure it out, but it still isn’t too easy. – JeanieLe

EXPAWLORER Puppy Dog Rope Toys For Dogs


This great tug-o-war toy is 16 inches long with a knot in the middle that is 4 inches in diameter. Even better if you have multiple dogs that like to play at once!

This toy is really great. With the multiple “legs” it makes a game of tug even more fun for the dogs…they each try to get as many legs as possible to keep from the other dog. It’s always entertaining to watch them play with this. And, being a rope toy, it’s also helping to clean their teeth while playing. Win-win!Pibble Momma

Supreme Bully Sticks By Best Bully Sticks

These are 100% naturally free-range, grass-fed beef and are completely digestible, unlike rawhide and other types of chews. No added hormones or chemicals! As good and healthy as dog chews get.

My pups love these bully sticks. They are not too thin – each stick offers hours of chewing, which keeps both them and us happy. The smell isn’t bad either – they are stinky, but the smell doesn’t carry throughout the room when the pups are chewing. It’s a good product that I would recommend. – cricketd666

PAW5 Rock ‘N Bowl Puzzle Feeder Dog Bowl

This bowl holds a surprising 4 cups of dry food and is made of durable BPA and phthalate-free plastic. Your pup will love foraging around for his food with this puzzle feeder!

I love that can I fill it. It will hold as much as any of our other dog bowls. It is not a novelty, it can be used as a regular feeding bowl, with an added bonus.
It is SO easy to clean. Take it apart and it is top rack dishwasher safe!! ( I confess, there is nothing I like more than dishwasher safe. ) – Bloilvl

Nite Ize GlowStreak LED Dog Ball

Great for playing fetch at night or even in the water. If you play with your dog at all hours, this is the perfect toy to do it with.

It works as good as it says, my dog goes through toys but this is holding up well, been left in the rain and works fine, has some bounce to it also. Not a bad toy for what it cost. I get home late from work and my dog is full of energy and as soon as he found out this lit ball won’t hurt him he loves it. – justin billing

Max Launcher Dog Ball Launcher

A fun contraption you won’t mind using to play with Fido. Save your shoulder and play fetch with one of these instead.

After a long day of throwing a regular old ball for my dog roscoe my shoulder and arm just couldn’t take it. After some research I discovered the max launcher and realized what I had been missing. It is very well made and really throws the ball a great distance. – Brent