Best Tick Removal Tool For Dogs & Humans

Between the first frost and last frost of the year, ticks are a problem for humans, dogs, and cats. Removing them is usually a gross process involving tweezers, vaseline, or some other “home remedy” to get them to let go painlessly.

But, no more! No touching them, no yanking, no jerking, and no pain when you use the Tick Tango.

Leaving a tick on your dog is dangerous!

Across the United States, there are a minimum of 7 different tick-borne diseases that can cause your dog to become severely ill and some cases, kill them before you even realize they’re infected.

With most, you can prevent the infection by removing the tick within a day or so of it attaching.

In addition to lyme disease, your dog can also become a victim of:

  • Babesia – Fatal if untreated
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever – Fatal if untreated
  • Ehrlichiosis – Fatal if it becomes chronic
  • Anaplasmosis – Fatal if untreated
  • Bartonella (Cat scratch fever) – Similar to flu, can last weeks or months
  • Tick paralysis – Fatal if tick is not removed
  • Hepatozoonosis – Potentially fatal
  • Southern Tick Associated Rash Illness (STARI) – Rarely fatal

Spring, summer, and fall mean countless hours of playing outside with your dog, with the both of you becoming closer. However, those outside times also means ticks and no dog owner likes to have to pick ticks out of their dog’s fur. It is a tedious process that is, frankly, gross.

However, thanks to the Tick Tango, you can take a more hands-off approach. Simply locate the tick on your dog’s body, scoop it onto the Tick Tango and give it a twist. It’s quick, simple to use, and will leave your precious pooch tick free!

With the Tick Tango you can alleviate your worries for your dog because you can get rid of their ticks while keeping yourself tick free in the process.

This product can be disinfected with normal household disinfectant products.

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