dog and toilet paper

Does Your Dog Need Fiber To Be Healthy?

Your dog needs many of the same things you do. Do you need healthy food? So does your dog. Do you need to stay hydrated? So does your dog. Do you need exercise? So does your dog. So it goes with fiber in their diet.

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greek yogurt

Benefits Of Yogurt For Puppies And Dogs

Everyone is looking to make sure their dog has the best advantage possible when it comes to their health. We will give our dogs supplements, dental care, and even puppy massage, but some of the best things you can do for your dog happen right at home. While many of our foods are toxic for dogs, yogurt can be a great food to share.

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pumpkin and bulldog

How To Treat Your Dog With Pumpkin

Is pumpkin good for dogs? Vets keep hearing this question, and their opinion is simple. Yes, canned pumpkin for dogs is great! There are a few place where pumpkin can help your dog, and the biggest benefit to this puppy superfood is that they love to eat it!

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