Fresh made creamy Peanut Butter in a glass jar and peanuts on old wooden table.

How To Make Peanut Butter Dog Treats Easily

Homemade dog biscuits have become a very trendy thing to make. Some people have even started their own businesses selling homemade dog cookies. The base of many of these recipes is peanut butter. If you’re a responsible dog owner, your first question when you see this is, can a dog eat peanut butter?

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t-bone steak and spices

What To Know About Raw Bones For Your Dog

Those considering more natural dog food choices might be inclined to test out raw food and treat options. Starting slow, treats are a natural segue in introducing new food to your dog. After all, who’s dog doesn’t love a treat?

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dog bone

The Risks And Benefits Of Rawhide Treats

Rawhide treats are one of the most popular snacks for dogs. Some saw that rawhide helps clean teeth and keeps puppies from chewing up your stuff, and others say that rawhide is bad for your dog, especially those made in China and other locations outside of the US. What do you need to know before giving your dog rawhide?

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