How to Give a Dog a Bath Without a Water Hose

portable shower

There’s hardly anything better than owning a dog. Whether it’s a big Labrador or a small Pomeranian, our pets can be the light of our lives. They become a bigger part of our families than we expect. There’s nothing we want more than to make our pets happy with treats, playtime, and love. However, there are things that can be less than fun like taking them to the vet, or worse… bathing them!

Giving your dog a bath is impossible to get around. They’re not cats—even though cats need baths as well. Dogs can be a bit more rambunctious, however. Not many of our canine companions enjoy being scrubbed down, but it’s something they have to endure. In that sense, the fewer things you have to worry about, the better!

Sometimes, our furry kids are too big to be bathed comfortably in the house. They might like to play more than bathe and this can be very difficult with a water hose if you take them outside. Their length can pose a problem with use and can even endanger our pets by getting wrapped up in them. Tangling and weight are tremendous problems when it comes to these long cords of frustration. It’s no wonder that people are looking for alternatives.

Ivation’s portable outdoor shower is the perfect solution for your pets.

What are the features?

This battery-charged portable shower completely removes the need for a long, coiled hose. It’s almost 75% lighter than the average hose and is easily stored when not in use. Not only can it be used outside in buckets, but it can remove the mess that a normal shower can use. The portable shower turns a bucket or bath into an easy-to-use stream with a wide spread.

The length of the entire unit is about 6.5 feet with a hose that extends about 5.9 feet between the head and siphon mechanism. It has a hanging hook that allows for hands-free washing and a suction cup to hang the contraption on. This way, you can focus on keeping your pet calm whenever they’re enjoying their bath.

There is only one setting, so you don’t have to worry about puppies or seniors getting hurt by the stream. It is a comforting, constant stream that will be suitable for pets of any size. The portable shower is suitable to get soap out of a dog’s fur, getting deep into the coat and massaging the flesh beneath. It will comfort your pup more than anything.

The portable shower is completely rechargeable and can be plugged via USB cable. This means that you can plug it into a laptop, cigarette lighter, or the wall if you have a wall connector. It charges in about 2-5 hours for 60 minutes of use. It goes through about 2.5 gallons of water in a matter of 7-8 minutes, giving you ample amount of time to wash out all soap and rinse off.

Other Usesivation dog shower

While pet baths are one of the bigger pros of this product, there are many other applications! You can use it, too! If you’re out camping or vacationing outdoors, this is the perfect item to enjoy a nice rinse when finishing up the day. You can get a thorough shower with the use of this portable item—it’s easily storable into a bag or backpack.

If you’ve got a green thumb, there’s hardly anything better than getting an easy watering for your plants. With the special hook attached to the head, you can water your plants with ease. Even if you’re carrying your bucket of water around, the light portable shower will be enough to water all your plants in a matter of minutes.

Even moms and dads can use it with a new baby! The stream is not only gentle enough to wash puppies, but human babies as well. They’ll enjoy the gentle trickle as much as our four-legged family members and find shower time to be an exciting and fun experience.

Don’t take our word for it!

Thousands of people have purchased the portable shower already and there are more than a thousand reviews on the item. Almost everyone has enjoyed the product with very few negative reviews. It is a top-of-the-line product and will keep you and your family satisfied whether you’re bathing your pup or yourself!

The Negatives

While it may be a great product, there are some concerns that you have to take into consideration when using it. The portable shower can pick up rust if not dried off properly.  Regular maintenance is needed since moisture can cause mold to grow and you don’t want that on your pup’s body or in its fur! Drying it off is mandatory, so be sure to get all the water out for rust and mold denial.

While the main purpose is good for pups, if you want to use it, be sure to get all your rinsing into 7-8 minutes. It runs at .66 gallons a minute, so it won’t do much more than rinse the soap off your body. Some people enjoy longer showers, but you won’t get it out of this product!


We are dog people, so we use this product on our furry family members. It’s a great way to rinse off your pup after a good soaping and lathering with minimal amounts of water. The 2.5 gallons you’d need for a pet cleaning will last about 7-8 minutes, which is more than enough time to get all the soap off your puppy. It’s a great investment and will turn your bath time into a less stressful event!