What’s The Best Interactive Dog Toy That Is Safe And Fun?

What’s The Best Interactive Dog Toy That Is Safe And Fun?

Exercise Keeps Your Dog Healthy

People are increasingly aware of the impact their choices have on their pets. Our dogs are friends, cuddle buddies, sleeping companions, working and service animals, and members of the family. There is a campaign to increase awareness of the damage secondhand smoke does to pets. It’s clear that you want to give your dog the best life that you can. This is especially true to those of us that have rescue dogs. After yanking them out of life in a kennel or an abusive home, we want to give them as much joy as we can.

Play is crucial to your dogs happiness. It burns energy, provides a bonding opportunity, lessens destructive behavior, and it’s just plain fun. There are a few barriers that dog owners face when it comes to creating opportunities for play. The first is safety. We want our dogs and children to have safe toys and a safe place to play. The second is energy. Dogs often have energy levels that far exceed their owners, and you can easily wear yourself out throwing a ball or tugging on a rope with man’s best friend.

Why Pick A Toy That Isn't Safe?

When addressing safety, you have to look at the material the toys is made of, the sturdiness of the toy, and the play environment. It sounds like a lot until you pick up the wrong toy and you have either a choking hazard or your dog knocks over your 52” flat screen chasing the toy!

Our favorite safe toy is the Tether Tug. While they are made by a smaller company, they embody all our standards for safe and fun dog play. The Tether Tug is made of sturdy, safe materials in the United States. Tether Tug has a stationary base, which provides a safe play environment. Lastly, while you can help your dog play with Tether Tug, you don’t have to. It provides a source of independent play!

... Or One That Isn't Made In The USA?

A lot of commercially available dog toys, like many of the products you find, are made in China. While this isn’t a problem on the surface, Chinese regulations are different than the ones in the United States and Europe. A recent test showed higher than normal levels of plasticizers (phthalates) in half¬†of toys from China. This came after a Chinese organization warned parents not to let children put toys into their mouths. Children, as you know, are prone to chewing on their toys, especially toddlers. So we’re talking about toys so unregulated that children must be directly supervised when playing with them or risk health problems!

Both dog toys and toys for your child made in China have this problem. You can’t very well tell your dog not to chew on their toys! Also consider that if you have small children, and your dog’s toys are on the floor, they could end up in a quick toddler’s mouth. Do you really want to take that risk with an imported dog toy made of dangerous materials?

Tether Tug bypasses this problem by not having their manufacturing done overseas. All Tether Tug models are manufactured in the United States. The company itself is located in Missouri, the heart of middle America.

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Cost can often be a driving factor in our purchase decisions. We balance that with quality. Most dog owners buy new toys over and over again because they end up punctured, shredded, or completely destroyed. I’ve had my Tether Tug hooked up for quite some time, and my dog can’t manage to break it!

Getting your dog the right amount of exercise is crucial. Play lowers instances of destructive behavior, burns nervous energy, and makes your dog happier. Unfortunately, most dogs can easily out-play their owners. That boundless energy can make it hard to do enough with your dog.

It's Easy To Install

Tether Tug is set on a base, so that your dog can pull, twist, and spin with the toy independently. This means no more wearing out your arms and shoulders playing tug-of-war! It also means your dog can play for as long as they like, whenever they like!

The indoor version of Tether Tug gives your dog something acceptable and allowable to chew on, providing a positive alternative to chewing on your shoes and throw pillows.

And Each One Is Handmade

Each one of these toys is handmade, and they come in different sizes. There are options for indoors and outdoors as well as sizes for small, medium, large, extra-large, and uber size dogs.

Those with Mastiffs and Rottweilers know the trouble that can come from trying to find sturdy toys for a dog that is roughly the size of a small horse with the strength of a tow truck!

Tether tug was inspired by a rescue dog with only three legs and her boundless love of play. Her new owners needed a break and were driven to creativity. A fishing pole and a few prototypes later and the Tether Tug was born.

If you’re looking to keep your pets and your children safe as well as provide your dog with healthy and fun play time, I’d suggest checking out a Tether Tug.

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