Dental Health And Your Dog

Sometimes people take for granted that their dog basically needs all the same kinds of care as a person does. They need to watch what they eat, go to the doctor, get excessive, be loved, and take care of their teeth. The teeth on a dog are often so overlooked. There’s no dentist for a dog, but your vet does have plenty of information on the oral needs of your dog.

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Healthy Dog Treats At Home

If you’ve been to the pet store lately, you may wonder if you could simply give your dog food from your own pantry. What should I feed my dog, you think? Treats are especially easy to create at home. Even if you don’t have baking skill, your dog needs fruits and vegetables just like you and I do. Then again, so much in your pantry is toxic to your animals. How do you decide what to give them? Here are some handy tips.

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gluten free

Grain and Gluten Free Dog Feeding

Go shopping and you’ll see grain free dog foods and grain free dog biscuits in every one of the dog food brands that have come around recently. Jerky is not touted because it’s included in grain free dog treats.

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