pumpkin and bulldog

How To Treat Your Dog With Pumpkin

Is pumpkin good for dogs? Vets keep hearing this question, and their opinion is simple. Yes, canned pumpkin for dogs is great! There are a few place where pumpkin can help your dog, and the biggest benefit to this puppy superfood is that they love to eat it!

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t-bone steak and spices

What To Know About Raw Bones For Your Dog

Those considering more natural dog food choices might be inclined to test out raw food and treat options. Starting slow, treats are a natural segue in introducing new food to your dog. After all, who’s dog doesn’t love a treat?

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poison vial

What To Do If Your Dog Is Poisoned?

Your beloved bulldog, Sgt. Schnookums, is violently ill. You take him to the vet, and your doctor tells you it’s food poisoning. Suddenly everyone you know is a culprit in a shadowy detective game. Who poisoned your dog?!

The characters are varied, and not everyone can be innocent. Who are our players?

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