poison vial

What To Do If Your Dog Is Poisoned?

Your beloved bulldog, Sgt. Schnookums, is violently ill. You take him to the vet, and your doctor tells you it’s food poisoning. Suddenly everyone you know is a culprit in a shadowy detective game. Who poisoned your dog?!

The characters are varied, and not everyone can be innocent. Who are our players?

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dog bone

The Risks And Benefits Of Rawhide Treats

Rawhide treats are one of the most popular snacks for dogs. Some saw that rawhide helps clean teeth and keeps puppies from chewing up your stuff, and others say that rawhide is bad for your dog, especially those made in China and other locations outside of the US. What do you need to know before giving your dog rawhide?

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Canine Obesity – More Than A Little Husky

We’ve all seen that look in our doctor’s eye when they tell us that we could stand to lose a few pounds. Our hearts and organs weren’t meant to carry that extra stress, and they don’t react well when our dogs start filling out more than what is normal.

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