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A New Dog Fence Kit System That Is Unlike Any Other Fence For Dogs Of Any Size!

Even for the most indulgent pet parents, it can get harrowing to keep up with the outing demands of their pooches, which is why they are perpetually on the lookout for the best dog fence in the market.

It’s not that people do not like to take their dogs out for a walk but given the hectic lives that most of us lead, anything more than two walks a day is a huge encumbrance.

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Exercise Is Critical To Your Dogs Health

But, how much daily exercise does your dog actually need? Try 6-8 long, leisurely walks a day. Yes the resounding, “Impossible” collectively mouthed by all pet parents could be heard far and wide. Relax, you are certainly not the only pet owner who has neither the time nor the inclination for this routine.

However, the right amount of physical activity can leave you with a healthy, happy pooch and it can add nearly 2 years to your pet’s lifespan. So, what can you do to work around this conundrum? Read on to find out.

Most Dog Fencing Has Multiple Failure Points

Keeping Your Dog On A Chain

Chaining the dog in the yard is not even an option. For one, he won’t get any exercise but he will get aggressive. Two, when on the chain, your pooch cannot seek shelter from weather conditions or predators unless you have a shelter built, which costs more money.

Dog Doors Absent A Safe Fence System Is Dangerous.

A pet door is also not a feasible choice because “dog’s day out” adventures often end in tragedy. Almost 60,000 dogs are stolen or get lost each year while 100,000 are hit by cars. Out on his own, your pet may become one of those who never make it back home.

Keeping The Dog Indoors Continuously Is Not Healthy

Of course, you could keep the dog indoors but even if the lack of exercise is ignored, pet owners are all too familiar with the disaster that an overly anxious or energetic pooch can create when left all alone at home. Considering all of this, a dog fence does seem like a worthy investment and one that most pet owners are only too happy to make.

How And Why All Other Dog Fences Fail

Make no mistake; there are a staggering number of choices available for dog containment. Despite this, almost none of the top of the line products deliver on the promise of reliability and safety.

Chain Link Fencing Is Not No Dig, No Climb Or Jump Proof Fencing

Any form of pet containment is supposed to keep the dog inside the restricted area no matter what the temperament of the pooch. This is the first fail because most of these products are no match for the Houdini hound who can dig or bite his way through the barricade. Of course, champion jumpers also don’t heed to these fences, making a play of jumping right over them.

The Truth About Invisible Fences: They Only Work 70% Of The Time

While invisible fences are often considered the answer to these issues, the fact is that they have a dismal success rate of 70%. What’s more is that the constant fear and pain usually have long standing ramifications on the animal. While some begin to shudder at the thought of leaving the safety of the house even when they are being beckoned by their owner, others respond by developing an aggressive streak which is unleashed on family members as well as strangers.

To begin with, no caring pet owner would want to put his/her furry pal through the painful ordeal. Set this aside for a moment and you still have a problem. The chances of failure are very high with invisible fences, just like with other electronic gadgets. So, there is no guarantee that even after the systematic use of electrical fencing, you will come home to find your pooch dutifully waiting for you.

Invisible Fences Don't Know Which Side Your Dog Is On

Depending on what has enticed your pet, he/she may take the risk and jump right through the zapping. The unfortunate bit is that these shock collars do not make a distinction between the two sides of the fence. So, the dog gets zapped while leaving as well as when trying to reenter the property. Now, imagine your scared pet trying to seek refuge by running back home only to be turned away by a strong electric jolt!

Expensive, Hard To Install, and Designed To Be Permanent

Most pet containment products are expensive and have to be installed professionally. Also, once they are installed, you have to leave them there. This means that they can be a huge problem for families living in rental homes, not to mention that most landlords are uncomfortable with the idea of outdoor changes needed to install these fences. In fact, some communities have “no fence” rules, which only make things harder for pet owners.

So, is my four legged friend doomed to stay indoors?

Not at all! Say “Hello” to PetPlaygrounds, a product made to tackle pooches of all sizes and all their escape plans. Understandably touted as one of the best dog fences currently available, this product seems to have all the troublesome bases covered.

Made from high quality material including metal and polypropylene, the fencing can be installed within a few hours and is near invisible from 5-10 feet away.

In fact, it blends easily with the natural scenery since you can use trees along with the black metal corner posts to lay the fencing. After testing their product in different areas, weather and with a variety of dog breeds, the makers of PetPlaygrounds have devised the perfect design that prevents chew through, dig under and climb over.

Actually, the 11 component kit is designed to handle just about everything that any dog can dish out.

4ft High

For small dogs
$6.50 ft

This is standard chain link fence height.

5ft High

For medium dogs
$7.50 ft

This is about chin height on an average man.

6ft High

For large dogs
$8.50 ft

This is standard privacy fence height.

MAX Strength (6ft)

For escape artists
$10.00 ft

Perfect for protecting against predators.

One of the reasons why PetPlaygrounds offers superlative safety is because every part of the fencing system is backed up by another, making it a fail proof structure. For example, the carbon polypropylene mesh and the 18 gauge, vinyl coated metal hex overlap each other.

The carbon polypropylene gives the structure a break strength of over 1000 pounds while the metal hex prevents pooches from getting their jaws on the polypropylene material.

On its own, the metal hex would be weak but the vinyl coating makes it resilient to degradation over time and the polypropylene mesh gives it the requisite strength. So, pooches can’t just dash their way out of this fence.

To further enhance the sturdiness of the fencing, a 12 gauge braided steel cable is added on top which prevents the mesh and the metal hex from sagging.

However, unlike a top rail, it does not give animals on the inside or outside the grip they need to climb over.

The best part is that the makers of this product have not only tested it against the wrath of pooches but also the fury of nature and the combination of metal hex wire and polypropylene mesh refused to give way even in the face of a hurricane, when a tree fell on it.

Simply put, with PetPlaygrounds you get all the pros of the other fencing options without any of the cons.

PetPlaygrounds Has The Best Dog Fence Because It's Designed Not To Fail!

Dogs Can't Chew Through This Fence.

Dogs cannot chew with their front teeth and canines which are only meant to rip flesh apart from the bone.

The chewing part is done with the molars. However, the use of the metal hex wire means that your pet won’t be able to get his mouth out far enough to reach the polypropylene mesh. Of course, the 12 gauge wire used for the metal hex means that even the most tenacious dog would find it impossible to chew his way out.

The Best No Dig Dog Fence... Period.

The metal hex is designed to not only overlap the polypropylene mesh but also to form an L at the point of contact with the ground. The hex extends for about 6-12 inches and is firmly fixed with kinked stakes that prevent the barrier from developing gaps that can be used as escape routes.

The flaring means that your dog will find it impossible to dig his way under the fencing. Also, because it is hard to walk on, it prevents the animals from fence patrolling, which can turn into a very annoying and hard to break habit.

Jump Proof Dog Fencing At It's Best

Normally, large dogs have little trouble scaling 4 feet fences while smaller breeds can easily be contained with a barrier of that height. The best part about PetPlaygrounds is that you can buy a kit which is appropriate for the breed you own.

For instance, they supply 4 feet DIY fencing kits for small breed, 5 feet fences for medium sized dogs, 6 feet barriers for large dogs and a special MAX strength 6 foot fencing kit which has an added measure of protection in the form of 19 gauge steel, vinyl coated, welded netting material.

This sits together with the metal hex and the polypropylene mesh.

No Climb Dog Fencing:

Despite the superlative strength of the structure, it remains a mesh. So, unlike chain link fences, it does not provide the sturdy foothold that your pooch needs to climb over.

Although it will not sag or break under the weight of even the heaviest dog, the material does sway enough to prevent any chance of escape.

How does PetPlaygrounds compare with some of the other dog fences out there?

Are Chain Link Fences Safe For Dogs?

The ubiquitous chain link fences simply cannot hold their own against PetPlaygrounds because the very factor that offers them strength is also their undoing.

The metallic structure is so strong and unyielding that most dogs conveniently learn to climb over it by using the gaps as foot holds.

And no, the dog does not have to be large to accomplish this feat. With a bit of practice, even a small or medium sized pooch can learn to climb over. Also, chain link fences are fixed structures, so you cannot move them.

Another thing to consider is that chain link fences do rust over time, which can compromise structural integrity.

If you have this form of fencing covering a large property, you may not even know when the barrier develops a gap wide enough to facilitate your canine’s escape.

Wood and Vinyl Fencing Pros and Cons:

Wood is great except that it cannot usually stand the onslaught of canine jaws. Also, it is vulnerable to rotting, particularly the section of the fencing that is underground.

You could use vinyl to beat degradation but that would add several hundred dollars to the cost. Plus, like with chain link fences, these cannot be moved around once installed and both options obstruct outside view and may not be allowed in certain communities.

Brick Walls And Masonry Fencing For Dogs?

Masonry may work on a small property but if you have a sizeable area to cover, you are looking at a mammoth project that can burn a hole in your pocket. Assuming that this form of fencing is allowed in your neighborhood, a 6 feet wall would obstruct the flow of air and even sunlight depending on where it is placed. So, it is not always a preferred option.

Wireless invisible fences:

Made of a transmitter and a collar that delivers a strong electric jolt when the dog crosses the covered area, this system has a high failure rate and it is very painful for the animal.

Typically, these fences only cover about 25 acres and circular boundaries. Also, the transmitter will fail if there are metallic sheds or topographical features that interfere with the straight line contact between the transmitter and the collar.

So, dogs often get zapped for no reason at all. Plus, they are prone to failure due to dead batteries and transmission issues like with any other electronic gadget.

In-ground invisible fence:

The core principle is the same; the dog is jolted every time he tries to cross the invisible barrier. However, instead of a transmitter, this system uses an underground wire.

As soon as the pooch gets close to the wire, it sounds an alarm followed by static correction. So, you get larger coverage area but the problems persist.

Rodents can chew the wire and you would not even know that the invisible safety net has been brought down till your pooch goes missing. Also, the pain involved for the animal in all forms of electrical fencing can lead to behavioral problems and it simply isn’t humane if you love your four legged child. In fact, most animals have to be trained to stay within the invisible boundary and this can only be done with pups that are no younger than 5-6 months.  

If all of this was not enough to frighten you away, there have been cases when the jolt proved lethal for some animals. Furthermore, after being zapped several times, some dog’s simple learn to deal with the pain and cross over anyway. Finally, invisible collars do not prevent other animals or even people from entering the property. So, they just don’t work!

Mesh fencing:

It is cheap and can be used to cover a large area but it does not have the strength to withstand the attack of a large and bored dog. If you add several posts and top rail to fortify the structure, the cost goes up and the fencing quickly turns into an eye sore.

All things considered, PetPlaygrounds does emerge as the only viable solution. Now, some pet parents may be inclined to believe that they hardly need this degree of fortification with their well behaved pooch.

In your presence, Milo is the cutest thing on four legs, who would not harm a fly. But behind your back, he dons Loki’s mask and you never know when the pangs of separation may cause him to go overboard. So, why not be safe than sorry? In fact, it is easy to choose PetPlaygrounds when you think of all the benefits that this fencing brings to the table.

The Cost Advantage!

Once again in terms of cost, PetPlaygrounds emerges as the best dog fence option. Not only is the initial cost of this product lower than most other options but also it needs little by way of maintenance. So, once it is installed, you will have little to worry about for the next couple of years.

For example, it can cost at least $350 to repair a wooden or chain link fence, depending on the extent of damage. In contrast, with PetPlaygrounds, you get enough extra material to fix any issues on your own without the extra cost. As far as the upfront expense goes, coverage over 100 linear feet, with a 4′ fence and one 5′ X 4′ gate would cost you this much:

  • Chain Link: This costs about $15/foot which would mean a total expenditure of about $1200.
  • Wood: This is the most expensive option in the list costing a whopping $28/foot, which works out to a total expense of no less than $3200.
  • Vinyl: The second most expensive fencing, vinyl will set you back by $24/feet and will lead to a total project cost of about $1700.
  • Aluminum: This starts at $19/feet and will cost you about $2500 including installation.

Now, compare this with the $6/foot pricing of PetPlaygrounds and you have a clear winner. The best part is that if you do not want to undertake the 7-8 hour installation process on your own, you can easily get a certified professional crew to handle it for you. This would only add about $5/foot (cost given on their facebook page.. their website says $9) to the cost of the fencing. If you choose this option, you get a 2 year warranty on both material and workmanship.

Why should you consider investing in PetPlaygrounds?

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  • Dog containment solution that actually works: After testing their product for almost 6 years, the makers of PetPlaygrounds have managed to create a fencing system that counters all canine problem behaviors. Whatever your pooch can think of, these guys already have it covered. So, you can be sure that you will walk in to your yard everyday to find your pet safe and sound in his territory.
  • A highly modifiable solution: If you need a gate, no problem. PetPlaygrounds offers the option to add gates, extra corner posts and more. In fact, if you have budgetary constraints, you can buy a smaller kit for now and simply upgrade to cover additional area when you can.
  • Easy to install: With two people, it takes about 8-10 hours to get the job done. The fencing has a “no-dig” system, so all you will be doing is hammering the no-dig sleeves into the ground and using an electric driller to make holes in the corner posts. In other words, you don’t need special tools just some time and an extra pair of hands. Moreover, the product is supplied with a detailed video installation guide that simplifies the process. Plus, you can always call them if you encounter problems along the way.
  • Financing options available: If the lowest price tag was not enticing enough, PetPlaygrounds also comes with financing options through Paypal Credit.
  • Humane solution: No pain for the pooch, plus your canine pal won’t feel like a prisoner as he will be allowed to run around, roll, dig and have a ball of a time.
  • PETA certified: The fencing has even earned itself PETA’s approval for its pet friendly and humane design. Can cover small to very large yards: You can go as wide as you want with
  • PetPlaygrounds, covering between 1- 100 acres or more. In fact, the flexibility of the material along with the no-dig sleeves allows you to erect the boundary regardless of the topography.
  • Moveable fencing: A boon for renters, PetPlaygrounds can not only be installed without any structural changes but also you can simply remove it and take it with you when moving to a new house.
  • No obstruction of view: The absence of the top rail in the design means that the mesh becomes almost invisible when viewed from a distance of 10 feet. So, you still get unobstructed view of the great outdoors.
  • Works even in no-fencing communities: Because it can hardly be seen, even no-fencing communities allow PetPlaygrounds.
  • Keeps other animals out: This fencing system will not only keep your dog in, but also all other animals out, including those that walk on two legs.
  • Can be used to create redundant fences and with other fencing options: If you already have a fencing system that isn’t working or even a shared fence, PetPlaygrounds can be used as an added measure of safety that keeps your pets away from the neighboring kids and animals.
  • Customizable solution: The biggest advantage of going with PetPlaygrounds is that you can customize this fencing system to suit your purpose. Whether it is the breed or the behavior of the dog or even when you add to your menagerie of pets, you will find PetPlaygrounds has a solution to accommodate the new requirements.

The advantages of PetPlaygrounds for pooches and their parents!

  • No need for playground time when you have PetPlaygrounds in your yard: If you have to keep your pet on the leash even in the park, playtime simply won’t be fun. Yet, if there are a lot of kids and other pets, particularly smaller dogs around, this is the safest option as even the most well trained and obedient dogs are known to misbehave and exhibit pack behavior in the face of a lure. Fortunately, with PetPlaygrounds, you can give the park a miss all together. With the area covered, the possibilities for having a blast with your pet are simply endless.
  • Perfect for senior dogs: As your dog gets older, he may not have the strength to handle strenuous catch and fetch games. But, he will still want some time out in the sun. With the PetPlaygrounds barrier, you will be creating a safe haven for your pooch to relax in.
  • Ideal for busy and senior pet owners: Every year hundreds of dogs are abandoned and left in shelters by pet owners who can no longer take them out for walks. PetPlaygrounds gives both you and your pooch some much needed freedom.
  • Needs no training but can be used for it: Unlike with invisible fences, you don’t need to train your dog for PetPlaygrounds. However, if you have a new pup, the enclosure will create the perfect environment for training sessions.

Custom Dog Fence Kit's Have Never Been So Easy To Install!

Before you order the kit, you will need to measure the area that has to be covered. Just count your steps as you walk along the periphery, walking normally and not heel to toe. Add 2.5 to the number of steps and you will get the size of the kit needed.

1. You will need to start with the no-dig sleeves. The posts can be placed 20-25 feet apart and you can use trees as well. You also don’t have to create a straight line with the fence because the material is flexible.

2. If you do want a straight line, simply lay down a string on the ground for reference. Next, place the driving sleeve on the ground with the driving top covering it. Drive the sleeve, which has a sharp edge at the bottom, all the way into the ground with a sledge hammer.

3. Once you have all the sleeves in, insert the posts into the sleeves and pull into position. Drill holes into the line posts for passing the line through them. Also, drill holes in trees that may be in the path and insert the eye lags.

4. Then, install the post corner kit which includes the post and brace downs that hold the assembly in place. With the posts in place, you simply have to run the tension cable through the holes and the eye lags at the bottom, middle and top of the posts. Cover the rectangular sections created with the hex wire.

5. You will have to cut the hex wire to appropriate size and then use the hard wringer. When attaching the hex remember that it should overlap the bottom cable by 6-12 inches. This will be used to create the no dig flare.

6. Next, fortify the fence with the polypropylene mesh allowing it to overlap the metal hex. Hammer the angled stakes to fix the flare created by the metal hex, so that it is tight and relatively straight, creating an “L”.

7. Finally, attach the mesh and the metal hex to the house with a staple gun and that is all there is to installing the fence.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pet Playgrounds fences are priced per linear foot. Please see the pricing table below!

You can custom design your dog fence kit so that it’s perfect for your home, yard.

4ft High

For small dogs
$6.50 ft

This is standard chain link fence height.

5ft High

For medium dogs
$7.50 ft

This is about chin height on an average man.

6ft High

For large dogs
$8.50 ft

This is standard privacy fence height.

MAX Strength (6ft)

For escape artists
$10.00 ft

Perfect for protecting against predators.

What About Gates?

Gates are available in the following sizes: Standard: 4ft x 5ft Wide: 4ft x 8ft Driveway: 4ft x 14ft The standard gate is large enough to allow most commercial lawn mowers to get through it. An added bonus is that the height and width of any gate can be adjusted using a reciprocating saw.

Do I Have To Attach It To My House?

No, of course not! To build a Pet Playgrounds fence as a freestanding enclosure, you’ll have to order 2 additional corner posts.

I'm Certain My Dog Will Chew Through This!

If you’re really worried about your dog being able to get out of this fence, you can add the MAX strength layer of 19 gauge steel welded wire netting.

The right time to purchase PetPlaygrounds is NOW!

Build Your Dog Fence Kit Here And Use Coupon Code "DoggyBakery" For 5% Off!

The manufacturers of this product rightly call themselves “dog people”. Apart from offering a high quality, affordable product, they also provide a $100 rebate on their kits valued at $2000 and over just for kicking the collar in favor of a humane dog containment system.

But, wait there is more! (Had to put that in there lol)

Depending on from where you buy the kit, you could also get an additional discount of 10-15%. If that was not enough, they have a rescue fundraising program in place. Now, that is what we call a pooch friendly company!

All things factored, it would be safe to suggest that PetPlaygrounds was created to not only meet the demands of energetic pooches but also pet parents. It offers a wholesome and natural environment for your dog to indulge in his natural behavior, which is great for the animal’s health and temperament.

The best part is that you can have loads of fun bonding over playtime without so much as stepping out of your yard. In fact, nearly 70% of PetPlaygrounds customers purchased the system after the failure of their invisible fences.

Add to this the dozens of positive reviews that the product has earned and it is easy to understand why it’s called the best dog fence in the market. So, if you love your dog, you are bound to love these dog fence kits!

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