How To Wash A Dog Bed

Dogs can get into some pretty funky stuff. When they do, they’re going to end up getting it on that special bed that you picked out for them and paid $49.99 for. Eventually, it’s going to get stinky and nasty… and what are you to do about it?

Just tossing it in the washing machine sounds like a good option when you initially think about it, but the truth is that not all dog beds can be put in the washing machine because they will fall apart, rip, etc. They may even leak shredded foam all over the inside of your dryer because you missed the hole that was torn on one side or another. Not a fun cleanup job.

Step 1: Vacuum Your Dog’s Bed

You don’t want to stick a dog bed in your washing machine with a bunch of hair stuck to it. You’ll want to use an upholstery attachment for this (here’s a universal one if you don’t have one!) and do it thoroughly. You’ll keep your dog’s bed cleaner, longer if you vacuum it regularly. The upside to vacuuming it regularly is also the fact that you’ll notice quickly that your dog has vomited, had an accident, or tracked some other mess into their bed.

Step 2a: Take The Cover Off

Decent quality dog beds have covers and it’s something you should wash by itself, not with your other clothing items or linens. This is especially true if you’re washing things to treat for fleas, ticks, lice, mites, etc. You don’t want any cross contamination here.

Use a gentle detergent and follow the care instructions on the cover’s label on whether to use hot or cold water. If you care about stains on it, use a stain remover on it first.

Step 2b: No Cover? No Problem

While most dog beds will have a cover, lots of really cheap ones don’t. In this case, follow the manufacturer instructions on washing in a machine.

Step 3: Wash The Mattress

Wash this according to the instructions that come on the label. Usually this will mean washing in hot water so fleas, ticks, and other pests are killed.