The 9 Best Christmas Gifts For Dogs 2016

The 9 Best Christmas Gifts For Dogs 2016


West Paw Design Bumper Bed Stuffed Dog Bed

The only dog bed I’ve ever seen with replaceable slip covers for easy washing. Well worth it!

Have been using this bed for 3 years and they still look great. My dogs aren’t chewers but they like to “dig” into the bed when getting comfy. The area where they scratch has worn through on other beds but not this brand. I ordered an extra set of covers and change them when I change my own bed sheets. I’ll always buy beds from this company, I’m really happy. Other beds I bought at the pet store just don’t compare to this brand–you get what you pay for. – Dot

West Paw Design Hurley Chew Toy

If you’ve got a heavy chewer, this is just the toy you’re looking for. It is 100% guaranteed against dog damage by the manufacturer!

We have a 75 pound boxer that destroys toys that are described as ” indestructible” usually within 30 minutes. I bought her this bone for Christmas last year. It became her favorite toy. 11 months later is when she finally chewed one end. This is definitely on her Santa wish list this year.aaron

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Dog Toy

This is a great toy for dogs that love to play hide and seek, whether it’s with toys or treats. The great thing about this is that you can buy replacement plush squirrels for it here! BTW, we’re pretty sure these are actually chipmunks, not squirrels, but hey… your pooch won’t notice!

Love this. I’m saving it for Christmas for my pup. Its very small, so get one size bigger than you think your dog will want. – T. Bin

Our Pets Smarter IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy

This is a great toy to get for medium and large sized dogs that love figuring out how to get their treats.

My two Greyhounds love, love, love these, they exhaust themselves chasing them around the house, only took a couple of days for them to figure it out, but it still isn’t too easy. – JeanieLe

EXPAWLORER Puppy Dog Rope Toys For Dogs


This great tug-o-war toy is 16 inches long with a knot in the middle that is 4 inches in diameter. Even better if you have multiple dogs that like to play at once!

This toy is really great. With the multiple “legs” it makes a game of tug even more fun for the dogs…they each try to get as many legs as possible to keep from the other dog. It’s always entertaining to watch them play with this. And, being a rope toy, it’s also helping to clean their teeth while playing. Win-win!Pibble Momma

Supreme Bully Sticks By Best Bully Sticks

These are 100% naturally free-range, grass-fed beef and are completely digestible, unlike rawhide and other types of chews. No added hormones or chemicals! As good and healthy as dog chews get.

My pups love these bully sticks. They are not too thin – each stick offers hours of chewing, which keeps both them and us happy. The smell isn’t bad either – they are stinky, but the smell doesn’t carry throughout the room when the pups are chewing. It’s a good product that I would recommend. – cricketd666

PAW5 Rock ‘N Bowl Puzzle Feeder Dog Bowl

This bowl holds a surprising 4 cups of dry food and is made of durable BPA and phthalate-free plastic. Your pup will love foraging around for his food with this puzzle feeder!

I love that can I fill it. It will hold as much as any of our other dog bowls. It is not a novelty, it can be used as a regular feeding bowl, with an added bonus.
It is SO easy to clean. Take it apart and it is top rack dishwasher safe!! ( I confess, there is nothing I like more than dishwasher safe. ) – Bloilvl

Nite Ize GlowStreak LED Dog Ball

Great for playing fetch at night or even in the water. If you play with your dog at all hours, this is the perfect toy to do it with.

It works as good as it says, my dog goes through toys but this is holding up well, been left in the rain and works fine, has some bounce to it also. Not a bad toy for what it cost. I get home late from work and my dog is full of energy and as soon as he found out this lit ball won’t hurt him he loves it. – justin billing

Max Launcher Dog Ball Launcher

A fun contraption you won’t mind using to play with Fido. Save your shoulder and play fetch with one of these instead.

After a long day of throwing a regular old ball for my dog roscoe my shoulder and arm just couldn’t take it. After some research I discovered the max launcher and realized what I had been missing. It is very well made and really throws the ball a great distance. – Brent

336 x 280
What’s The Best Interactive Dog Toy That Is Safe And Fun?

What’s The Best Interactive Dog Toy That Is Safe And Fun?

Toys For Dogs

Finding The Best Interactive Dog Toys

Do you ever get tired of telling your dog “ Stop, I can’t play right now!” or “I’m sorry, I have to go to work, we’ll play later.”? Poor puppies, all they want to do is have a little fun! Some dogs require more play time than others and if you happen to own a pet like that, you know it can be trying at times to keep them happy and content. It can make you feel really bad for them too if you do work away from home and they are left alone for hours on end.

When you have a puppy or an adult dog that is high strung or just likes to stay busy doing something, it’s an excellent idea to invest in dogs toys that will interact with your pet. Some can require a little help on your part while some of the other toys can keep your dog challenged and entertained without assistance from you.

Why Dogs Need Physical & Mental Stimulation

You may wonder why it is that your particular dog needs all of that mental and physical stimulation. According to Dr. Brian Hare, associate professor of evolutionary anthropology at Duke University, the way a dog thinks translates into the way a dog acts. Meeting their mental and emotional needs is as important as meeting their physical needs. Dr. Hare also believes that as dogs age, their cognitive abilities can decline. Things such as sleeping more, short term memory problems and even bonding with their owner can become issues. Interaction can help keep a dogs mind sharp over the years!

Certain dog breeds can also be a factor in how much attention they need. Jack Russells, Border Collies, Poodles and Chihuahuas are examples of just a few breeds that may require more attention and be more prone to hyperactivity. However, almost any breed of puppy or younger dog can be so full of life and energy that they seem to want to be on the move all of the time or sometimes act out to get attention. Even though you want the very best for your dog, you may not have all the time available that enables you to give them that attention they crave. Once again, this is where certain toys that can actually interact with your dog when you can’t will be a valuable asset for them and for you.

The More They Play, The Less Behavioral Issues They Have

According to Clicker, not enough exercise and not enough mental stimulation are two of the leading factors in dog misbehavior. When a dog’s mind and body are active, it will eventually tire them out. Providing enough stimulation to achieve tiredness can be a key to a more settled and well behaved dog.

Just a few things your dog may resort to when it wants stimulation or exercise is chewing up things, excessive barking or constantly seeking your attention. They may whine and bark a lot when you leave them home alone. They may urinate and poop where they should not. While good training is also required to help prevent these bad behaviors, having some interesting favorite toys that challenge the dog can go along way in helping entertain your pet and keep him happy.

Which Interactive Toys Are Best For Your Dog?

You will find that the best interactive dog toys available will fit into 3 basic categories: sounds, motion and content. You may have to discover which of these things appeal to your dog the most. Things that squeak or make other interesting sounds are what gets some dogs excited. A toy that moves in some way when the dog does something specific is another favorite type of toy. Then there are some newer toys on the market that will dispense treats in some way when the dog performs some specific task. If your dog is stimulated by all of these toy types, that’s even better! You can provide them with more variety! Check out the list of below of some of the most innovative dog toys available now:

Clever Pet Hub

When most dog owners think of how intelligent their pet is, they are proud when they learn to sit, fetch, roll over or chase a ball, but you probably think anything technological is beyond their comprehension. Not so! The Clever Pet Hub is a simple, yet complex learning and feeding toy that actually challenges your dog to learn more!

The Clever Pet Hub is a digital feeder that sits on the floor. It has lights and speakers and works using wi-fi. In order to get the treats that the hub dispenses, the dog must learn to pay close attention to the sequence of lights and sounds. They must learn to respond to left or right as directed. You might think that once the dog figures out the pattern, they will lose interest and become bored, but the clever thing about the Clever Pet Hub is that the game challenges change and update automatically as your dog learns! The skill set gets a littler harder as time goes by. Your dog pays attention closely once he discovers that his reward is a treat he wants really bad! New games can also be downloaded.

The Clever Pet Hub is among the priciest of the new dog gadgets, but many dog owners think it is well worth the cost. The unit can be purchased for around $350, more or less depending on where you buy. The hub can keep your pet entertained while you are away from home and can be enjoyed with your dog when you are there.

Tether Tug

Click Here To See More About The Tether Tug!

Almost all dogs love to play the tug of war game. Tether Tug is designed to allow your dog to enjoy this game outside without you needing to hold the other end! The Tether Tug has an in ground base that holds the flexible pole firmly in place while your dog tugs, pulls and fights to get the rope toy free! It is an excellent choice for any dog that needs some exercise or just needs to burn off all of that pent up energy! There are different toys that can be easily changed out to prevent your dog from becoming bored with any one particular toy. Tether Tug Large is great for bigger dogs that are really strong pullers. Prices start about $30 and up.

Ballistic Hide 'N Treat by Kong

If you are looking for a great plush fetch toy that provides just a little bit more entertainment, then this is the one. The Ballistic Hide ‘N Treat has velcro pockets where treats can be hidden. Getting the treats out is fun and challenging for your pet. The great thing is they can enjoy it without your interaction. Just put in the treats and watch your dog entertain himself! For a $10 buck or so investment, your dog will have hours of fun with this one!

Tennis Pals by Kong

Tennis Pals by Kong provides the best of two playthings, the tennis ball and a squeaker in one. Place the tennis ball inside the rubber squeaker and watch your dog go crazy trying to get it out! You can use the ball separately for a game of catch or place it inside the squeaker to throw and fetch. An inexpensive interactive toy that is a great buy either way you use it! It comes in different colors and designs for around $10 bucks or less!

Kong Stuff-A-Ball Toy

Made of durable material, the Kong Stuff-A-Ball can be filled with treats. When rolled around, the treats will come out. If you use smaller treats, they come out easier. Use treats of a little larger size and it takes a little longer to get them out. Since this in an inexpensive toy, it is worth the money to provide your dog with a little extra work to get his rewards!

Nina Ottoson DogFinder Interactive Game

This is literally a puzzle game! The board to the Nina Ottoson DogFinder game holds little plastic cups that you can hide treats underneath. It is a good way to play and interact with your dog to teach him or her to look for the hidden treasure!

Wooly Snuffle Mat

If your dog loves to hide a treat and then go back and dig it out, the Wooly Snuffle Mat cute mat could really be a good investment. It is handwoven from a durable fabric with hand stitching. It is also machine washable! Just put in small treats or kibble and watch your pooch try and sniff and scratch it all out!. It encourages their natural instinct to forage for their food! It is a little pricey at about $40 dollars, but since it is so well made, it’s probably worth it if foraging is an activity your dog enjoys.

Trixie Mini Solitaire Level 1

This is Mini Solitaire game is a puzzle board where you hide the little treats or kibble underneath the round blocks. Put a treat under each block or just under a few. The round blocks have holes in the center that allows your dog to sniff them out. Fun treat finding game that requires you to set it up and then let them forage away! This set is designed for beginners and smaller dogs or puppies. At around $20 dollars, it’s a safe cool game that’s very affordable.

Trixie Poker Box, Level 2

The Trixie Poker Box is a little different, although it is a puzzle game of sorts. The boxes each have a different method for getting inside then and getting the treat. It can be a little more challenging than simply hiding a treat under a block! It comes in different styles. This game is intended for dogs that have tried other similar games and mastered them. If your dog is naturally smart, it could be just the right thing! Prices start at around $22 bucks.

Trixie Mini Mover, Level 3

This tray game is for more advanced players! It has a knob that must be moved to open one drawer to get a treat. It has sliders that can be moved with the paw or the nose. One drawer has a pull string to get it open. Your dog will have to use some concentration to master this activity tray! Priced very nice at around $15 dollars or less!

Trixie Mad Scientist For Dogs, Level 2

This floor game puts an interesting spin, literally, on finding the treat and getting it out! The stand up design has 3 beakers that can be spun in order to make the treat fall out. It has two set of lids with different patterns to give the game even more variety and challenge. It is best for dogs that have already been introduced to these types of puzzle games. The price is very affordable at around $23 dollars.

Trixie Gamble Box, Level 1

This puzzle tray is the beginner level for dogs to learn to how to get the treat out of the compartments. Pull string drawers is method of play and a top knob box is another. It’s a great way to introduce a dog to tricky games and fun for puppies as well to get them started learning! Priced at near $23 dollars it’s a great teaching tool as well as entertaining.

Look Who's Talking Plush Chick

If your pooch loves plush toys, then this little chirping chick will make them mad with excitement. It sounds life like and gives a little more animation to a plain old stuffed toy! For about $6 bucks, you can’t go wrong with this toy!

Babble Ball

This is a ball that does more than bounce! The talking Babble Ball is motion sensitive and can provide some cute comments for your pup or make adorable animal sounds they will love. A great choice to add a little more flare to the plain old ball! Durably constructed and has replaceable batteries. Cost is about $6 bucks.

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel

This furry little tree stump comes with furry little squirrels to be hidden and found! It comes with 3 squirrels that squeak when bitten and chewed. Your dog can dig the squirrels out and then they squeak them all they want! Fun for plush toy and squeaker lovers for about $17 dollars. Larger size with 6 squirrels available.

What To Do If Your Dog Has Diarrhea

What To Do If Your Dog Has Diarrhea

Dog Food

Ok, dog poo isn’t exactly the most fun or interesting topic. In fact, it’s pretty gross, but the reality is that our dogs bowel movements are something to watch. Often the consistency of their bowel movements is our first clue that something might be wrong with them. So what do you do when your dog has diarrhea?

Understand what qualifies as diarrhea first. Diarrhea is liquid or very loose and it happens frequently. The worrysome part is that it can be caused by any number of things. Your dog might have chewed up something. It could be caused by a change in their diet, or there could be something seriously wrong.

This means that the first step beyond saying, “my dog has diarrhea”, is to monitor the situation. Note how many times they go, general volume, color, and consistency in case a trip to your vet is needed. If the problem only lasts a few days, you likely have no reason to worry. A long term problem requires more attention.

If diarrhea persists more than two or three days, call your vet and describe the problem.

What If My Dog Has Diarrhea With Blood In It?

Note to your vet if you see blood or mucus in it or if they begin straining to go. Black diarrhea could mean that there is blood in their poop, and that requires an immediate trip to the vet. Blood in their stool could mean internal bleeding, which is a big problem.

What If My Dog Has Diarrhea With White Spots?

If you look closely at your dogs poop and it has what appears to be white strings or long pieces of rice, they could be worms. Even if the pieces are not actively moving you should immediately call your veterinarian and make a visit.

Worms if left unattended can lead to a painful death for your dog so do not hesitate. Take immediate action and get your dog medical care fast.

what to do if my dog has diarrhea

Puppies and Diarrhea

With young dogs it can be hard to say whether the diarrhea is because of a sickness. Much like human babies, puppies systems are immature and even the smallest of dietary changes or new foods can cause liquid stools.

You’ll need to to take action only if the diarrhea lasts for a long time, they present other symptoms like the ones listed here, or if there haven’t been any real changes that could cause the loose stool.

With puppies a lot can go wrong very quickly and it’s usually better to play it safe with at least a call to your vet if presented with loose stool.

What Are Some Common Causes of Canine Diarrhea?

While a sickness or disease can be caused by things out of your control there are some common factors you can control that contribute to your dogs having diarrhea. Here are a few to look at if your dog has a case of runny poop:

Table Scraps
While giving table scraps can seem like a great bonding experience between yo and your pooch, it encourages bad behavior (like begging) along with a constantly rotating diet. This diet can cause diarrhea or mask underlying health problems that are causing it.


Especially in puppies, the need to chew is high and can lead to intestinal problems if they were to chew on something dangerous.

Switching Foods:

If you’re a bargain hunter it can seem like a good idea to just purchase whatever dog food is cheapest that week. However, the constant shift in diet from one brand to the next means your dog’s body will be getting a vastly different array of nutrients every week. This can cause severe problems down the road as well as runny stool while your dog’s body tries to keep up.

What About Other Dog Diarrhea Symptoms?


Diarrhea might come with other symptoms that you should note to your doctor. If your dog is normally energetic and now just wants to lay around, you need to note that to the vet.

The following are symptoms to watch for:

  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Shaking
  • Dehydration
  • Worms
  • Panting
  • Red Eyes
  • Runny Nose
  • Coughing

The same goes for fever, vomiting, loss of appetite, shaking, and dehydration. Your dog might not want to eat so much and loose a few pounds. These are also things your vet will need to know.

There are things you can do at home. Some people recommend that you withhold food for a day or two, while still keeping out plenty of water. The water will keep them from being dehydrated, and they’ll get the worst things out of their system quickly if it’s just a basic problem. You can also use supplements in order to alleviate the symptoms.

A visit to your vet isn’t immediately required. Go in if the problem lasts more than a day or two or if you see any of those listed symptoms above with the diarrhea. Usually the problem will be simple and can be handled at home, but problems worse than that tend to be time critical.

While it may be nothing to freak out about, diarrhea can be caused by such a wide variety of things that it’s almost always better to be safe than sorry. Don’t try to do all the diagnosing at home. Take your dog to the vet just to be sure you have the right diagnoses and then follow the treatment plan provided. It can help to sometimes provide a supplement to make sure your dog’s digestive tract is doing everything it can.